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7th Annual North Missouri
Tae Kwon Do Tournament
Tournament pictures may be found at:
Promotion Test # 164
October 9, 2015
Demonstration at Lamoni Annual Fall Festival
October 4 2014
H  TKD Demo_0006.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0077.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0074.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0066.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0052.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0047.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0040.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0027.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0024.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0022.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0020.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0011.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0009.jpg
H  TKD Demo_0008.jpg
Demonstration at Miracle Hills
July, 1 2014
HTKD demo-_0082.jpg
HTKD demo-_0065.jpg
HTKD demo-_0062.jpg
HTKD demo-_0060.jpg
HTKD demo-_0049.jpg
HTKD demo-_0040.jpg
HTKD demo-_0030.jpg
HTKD demo-_0024.jpg
HTKD demo-_0012.jpg
Black Belts receive their promotion certificates.
June 2014
Z Fish-0003.jpg
T McKinney-0023.jpg
Ms McKinney-0017.jpg
Ms Bartholomew-0061.jpg
Ms Jackson-0063.jpg
Mr. McKinney-0057.jpg
Mr. Jackson-0065.jpg
Heritage Black Belts celebrate Grand Master Jung's birthday with a huge cookie baked by
Ms Bartholomew.
Master Slatten presents Jim Hunsucker with a Certificate of Honor from Grand Master Jung for Jim's work on the Heritage Tae Kwon Do web site.
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