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Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is the Art of Hand and Foot Fighting. It is a martial art that has no equal in either power or technique.  Tae Kwon Do stresses the importance of harmony and balance between the mental and physical. By doing this, one can have a stable and balanced system.  Then one can learn how the mind and body become the weapons of Tae Kwon Do.

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Grand Master Terry Hall

8th Dan

Master Peggy Slatten

7th Dan

Master Tom Strade

6th Dan

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T Strade-2810.jpg

Courtesy | Integrity | Perseverance | Self-Control | Indomitable Spirit

Grand Master
Woo Jin Jung

Our Heritage

Tae Kwon Do began in Bethany, Missouri in the mid-1980s when Dennis Meggers moved here from Iowa. Master Meggers started his tae kwon do training under the leadership of Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Following the establishment of the school in Bethany, Master Meggers arranged for his students to test for belt advancement at the Eric Heintz Black Belt Academy, a much shorter drive.

After Master Meggers moved away from Bethany, training continued in Bethany with students traveling to Eric Heintz Black Belt Academy for black belt training and testing for many years. Master Heintz ultimately closed his Academy due to medical problems.

From the students of Master Heintz, Martial Arts America (Ankeny, IA) and Two Rivers Martial Arts (Des Moines, IA) were formed. Two Rivers was founded in 1998 with active involvement of the Bethany, Missouri school.

After more than 20 years of association with the Eric Heintz Black Belt Academy and Two Rivers Martial Arts, Grandmaster Jung directed that the Bethany school, along with it's branches in Trenton, MO, Lamoni, IA, and St. Joseph, MO, become independent. On March 1, 2014, Heritage Tae Kwon Do became a reality.

Grand Master Terry Hall

Dennis Meggers


Heritage Black Belts

Grand Master Terry Hall

Master Peggy Slatten

Master Tom Strade

Master Gary Hall

Master Elizabeth Gibson

Master Michael Jordison

Master Jennifer McKinney

Master Jim McKinney

Ms Trisha Hale

Mr Tyler Wanless

Ms Diane Anderson

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